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Urging Peace: Ben Affleck Pleads for Palestinian Support, Israeli Ceasefire

Call once a day

Call once a day

Ben Affleck, along with several other notable celebrities, including Drake, Jennifer Lopez, and America Ferrera, has joined forces to sign an open letter urging President Joe Biden and Congress to push for a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The letter, titled The Artists4Ceasefire, was sent to Biden and Congress in an attempt to implore the U.S. government to intervene and encourage both sides to de-escalate hostilities in the region, after weeks of intense fighting.

In the letter, the artists and advocates express their solidarity with the people of Israel and Palestine, emphasizing their shared concern for the loss of lives and unfolding horrors in the region. By signing the Artists4Ceasefire letter, Ben Affleck demonstrates his support for the Palestinians and indirectly calls for Israel to halt its sustained attacks on Gaza, which have claimed the lives of thousands of women, children, and elderly individuals.

Affleck’s involvement highlights his compassion towards the Palestinian people and his wish for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The collective efforts of these influential figures in the entertainment industry aim to bring attention to the urgent need for a ceasefire and encourage diplomatic efforts towards a lasting peace in the region. With their high-profile voices amplifying the call for immediate action, it is hoped that their appeal will prompt a response from the U.S. government and contribute to ending the devastating violence in Palestine and Israel.

Infrastructure destroyed in besieged Gaza

Infrastructure destroyed in besieged Gaza

In conclusion, the devastation in Gaza is alarming, as reported by the government media office in Gaza as of November 22. The extent of the destruction includes 26 out of 33 hospitals rendered non-functional, 278,000 homes demolished, and 311 schools severely damaged. These staggering numbers reflect the dire humanitarian crisis and the urgent need for international intervention.

Amidst this turmoil, the endorsement of a ceasefire in Gaza by actor Ben Affleck underscores his compassion for the Palestinians enduring relentless ground and air attacks by Israel in Gaza, Palestine. Affleck’s support serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll of the conflict and the imperative for a swift resolution to alleviate the suffering of the people in the region.


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