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Abu Obeida Speech – Al Qassam Brigades Spokesman 11.8.23 [EN Subtitle]

Here is the last recording of Abu Obeida’s full speech on November 8, 2023 with english subtitle.

Quick summary:

  • we’ve completely or partially destroyed 136 enemy vehicles (tanks etc), killing their soldiers inside
  • despite the enemy massacring civilians and destroying all infrastructure in their way, we flank them, set up ambushes, still destroy them from point
  • blank range
  • they have armies that are meant to conquer entire nations, and we don’t even have a single tank, yet we are still doing damage
  • our snipers & artillery units are destroying their soldiers
  • our brave people repel this nazi aggression
  • we will release more footage of us smacking our enemy in vehicles & hidden in buildings
  • the only way to release hostages is via prisoner exchange, which we are ready to do in full or in parts
  • we will exchange categories for one another (women for women, children for children, sick for sick)
  • the zionist enemy is not setting the stage for us to free hostages with foreign nationalities
  • we give glad tidings to the enemy for the operations we are about to begin shortly (stay tuned nerdy zionists)
  • this is jihad, either victory or martyrdom



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