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Celeb Solidarity: Desi Perkins Backs Palestinians, Calls for Israeli Ceasefire

Call for ceasefire now

Call for ceasefire now

Desi Perkins, a well-known celebrity, has joined forces with other prominent artists such as Drake, Jennifer Lopez, and America Ferrera, to sign an open letter urging President Joe Biden and Congress to push for a ceasefire in the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

The open letter, called The Artists4Ceasefire, demands that President Biden and Congress intervene and exert pressure on both parties to de-escalate the hostilities in the region after weeks of devastating fighting. The signatories of the Artists4Ceasefire letter aim to draw attention to the loss of lives and the unfolding horrors in both Israel and Palestine.

By adding her name to the Artists4Ceasefire letter, Desi Perkins demonstrates her concern for the Palestinians and indirectly calls for Israel to halt its relentless attacks on Gaza, which have claimed the lives of thousands of women, children, and elderly individuals.

This initiative by Desi Perkins and other influential artists emphasizes the urgent need for a ceasefire and highlights the importance of the international community coming together to address this humanitarian crisis. Their collective voice adds weight to the pleas for an end to the violence and a peaceful resolution to the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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Infrastructure destroyed in besieged Gaza

Infrastructure destroyed in besieged Gaza

In addition to the destruction mentioned earlier, according to the government media office in Gaza, as of November 22, 26 out of 33 hospitals in Gaza were not functioning, 278,000 homes were destroyed, and 311 schools were heavily damaged. The support for a ceasefire in Gaza from Desi Perkins shows her sympathy towards the Palestinians who are currently enduring relentless airstrikes and ground attacks by Israel in Gaza, Palestine.


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